Friday, April 27, 2012

Chocolate Skulls with Brains!

Ok so I found a VERY cute chocolate skull on Pinterst and I HAD TO MAKE IT.  I started with the most amazing's literally called Amazing Mold Putty.
You simply mix the two different putties together and they can make a mold of anything you want. 
Luckily Halloween is my favorite so I had no short supply of skeleton heads.  I found the perfect size one and molded away.
After the mold came out perfect I made my chocolate skulls and then let them chill.  When hard I took them out and cut the tops of their heads off.  I dabbed a little melted chocolate and stuck on a PECAN half.  You can use Pecans OR Walnuts whatever you prefer. 
SO easy and SO cute!

I followed the same method for the LARGE skull. I molded a larger skeleton and filled the mold with chocolate. You can add an actual brain inside the large one which will be scene when you cut into it.

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  1. Hello :D

    So earlier I was doing a Post on my own blog, You see today I went shopping for easter and the only thing I want for easter this year is Chocolate Brains >.<
    Normal Shops don't exactly sell them you know.....

    Anyway to make my Point I was searching for it when I came across your blog, I just wanted to say, I'm a fan now :D

    This Recipe is great ^_^ I'm gonna try and make it for Easter :D