Monday, April 9, 2012



So I saw some pallet furniture on Pinterest and FELL IN LOVE!  I decided immediately I had to attempt it.  I called up my best friend, (her family owns a hardware store) and had 7 pallets sitting in my driveway in a matter of hours!  (BEST BEST FRIEND A GIRL COULD HAVE).  I tried the big box hardware stores in the neighborhood and they looked at me like I was crazy.  I would recommend calling your local Ace or other local hardware store to see what they do with their pallets. 

The kids love laying here playing with their play food.

Any who...I got to work.  I sanded down the fronts and then painted the 4 bottom pallets a DARK chocolate brown and did the top 2 pallets a teal/green color.  The bottom 4 only really need the fronts and sides painted, you wont see the back of the pallets and it's not fun painting these things!! I will add the exact colors as soon as I can find the names. 

After measuring out the pallets (36x48) I went on the torturous hunt for a cushion the same size.  THEY DON'T MAKE CUSHIONS THIS SIZE I DISCOVERED!!!

SO....I got the idea to use some old bed egg crate padding topped with 2 body pillows that each measure 20x50.  I then took the foam with pillows and laid them on a FLAT TWIN sheet.  It is just the right amount of fabric to cover and still have room to sew a flap with buttons.  I highly recommend NOT sewing the GIANT pillow case shut so you are able to wash it. 

I then used a third body pillow for the backing and got some outside pillows for more comfort. 

ALL TOGETHER here is the price breakdown:

paint-I had at home.
6 body pillows-KOHLS...on sale for 7 each...-42
outdoor pillows TARGET and COSTCO....around 25
2 flat sheets TARGET .........................around 20
1 large throw pillow on sale TARGET 10
body pillow covers on sale TARGET....10

               Just around $110 TOTAL!!!!


  1. One tip for people who need cushions for an irregularly sized piece of furniture is that cushion foam is surprisingly easy to cut, with either a sharp serrated blade or even an electric turkey carving knife. If you find a sheet of foam slightly larger than the size you need, you can trim it down, and over time, you'll surely find a good use for the leftover foam scraps too!

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