Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today I made amazingly easy photo collages. 
I started with some canvas that I had painted before...I painted the same color as my wall right onto the canvas over my previous design. 
Then I spray painted some old banged up frames I got at Hobby Lobby...each was on clearance for $4.00
I distressed the frames by sanding some of the white spray paint off.
I had photos printed at Walgreens with a studio border called Black Torn.

After nailing the frames to the canvas, you are ready to work on your pictures.  You can also use a canvas that fits into a frame but I like how it looks to do a frame a little smaller than the canvas.

The next step is to use spray adhesive to mount your pictures to black foam (Hobby Lobby). 

After the pictures are mounted do a coat of Mod Podge MATTE, I like the brand shown in the picture (Hobby Lobby).

Cut out all the pictures that are dried and stuck to the foam.  Arrange the pictures how you wish on the canvas.  I used GLASS tile to write on and clue to foam to add more than just pictures to it.  I also printed a big black E to add.  I used the Mod Podge to add the paper E.
To add the pictures and the tiles I used a hot glue gun and just stayed clear of the edges. 

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