Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have said before...I'm always busy!  I don't usually have time to sit and curl my whole head of hair!  For Christmas I got this crazy lookin "deep wave iron"  I wasn't sure what the heck it would do but I finally tried it and easy!
I sectioned my hair in 4 sections...parted down the middle and then lifted half up and kept half down.  I used the iron on the four sections and total time it took was about 3 minutes!  I got a full head of waves and no 80's crimping look either!  I would highly recommend this HOT TOOLS DEEP WAVE IRON for fast beach waves! 

Heres me on my third section...

All quick.

Here is my hair all done...
Then I kinda shook my head out and got a messy look....
Trying to get a back and side view...check out the wave...isn't it so cool looking!

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