Monday, January 23, 2012


So I bought new chairs for my breakfast area and then realized the chair legs have BROWN wood and I had a BLACK table....
I planned to buy a new table but couldn't seem to find one anywhere that I liked...SO, here's what I did. 
Step 1...Sand the table top down...I used 150 sandpaper.
Step 2...Use DARK brown HI-GLOSS paint and do a little section at a time...paint on a streak of paint and spread and wipe with paper towel.
Step 3....Do the whole table top till it looks like marble. 
Step 4...Apply a thin even layer of Poly, let dry. 
Step 5...Sand lightly with a 200 sandpaper...
Step 6...Apply another thin layer of Poly and then the top is done.
Step 7...I sanded a little on the edge lip to give a distressed look.

THEN I decided to tile the sides to match my new chairs...

Step 1....Get small tiles and measure out to make sure you will have no cutting (unless you know how to cut tile, which I don't).
Step 2...use tile adhesive to glue up tile...don't use too much and spread across the tile backing thinly.  You may have to wipe extra glue off the front of the tiles if you use too much.  Let DRY!
Step 3....I used already mixed grout...grout in between any spaces and clean fronts.. LET DRY AGAIN!Step 4...Wipe clean any dry grout that is on the front of the tiles.  I did NOT seal my tile grout because it is not being touched or getting wet. 

I distressed the bottom of the table as well...

Final table looks SO much better with my chairs!!  Mission accomplished, and all for under $20
Home Depot...tile sheets about $5.00-two sheets
Hi-Gloss paint (I had from previous projects)
Premixed Grout-$8.00 at Home Depot and Small can of Poly at home depot $5.00

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