Monday, January 23, 2012


So recently I discovered Pinterest...I AM OBSESSED!!!  I find so many great ideas on there.  I do my best to try at least 1 new idea from it each day.  Last night I tried the NO HEAT headband curling technique....

Here's how it turned out...This is so easy.  Simply take a stretchy headband and place OVER your hair, like you would see in the 60's.  Spritz your hair with some water, getting it damp but not soaked.  Then, grab sections of hair starting in the front and twist over the headband over and over till it's all wrapped around.  GO TO BED and that's it.  It will be messy in the morning but don't worry, once the headband comes out you end up with beautiful lasting curls that you did the night before in 5 MINUTES!!
Continue to do section by section till your whole head is wrapped around the headband. 

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